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What my clients have to say

Excellent 30 minute lesson that has given me a lot to think about and practice to improve my swing. Very good use of 'visual' references to aid me in my swing profile.
Nick Oswald
Business Manager
The course was a great introduction to golf. It was a fun and relaxed day. Looking forward to attending more sessions in the future!
Debbie Eccles
NHS Nurse
My son has become inspired to play a sport that he may not otherwise have taken up. Great communication and very welcoming throughout. Thank you!
Steve Proctor
Dept Head Teacher


noun: Golf
A game played on a large open-air course, in which a small hard ball is struck with various clubs into a series of small holes in the ground, using the least number of strokes to complete the course.
On our courses we’ll explain everything from how to get started to how to get into the right mindset to play competitively.

Long Game

noun: Long Game

The part of golf concerned with hitting the ball across the distance from the tee to the green.

On our courses we’ll explain everything from how to get started to how to get into the right mindset to play competitively.

Short Game

Think of the Short Game as being all shots less than <100yds into the hole. Topics covered would include Pitching, Chipping, Bunker Play and Putting.


The Rules of Golf are administered and governed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA).

They are comprehensive and provide answers to the many issues that arise in a game that is played worldwide on many different types of courses by players of all abilities.

The underlying principle of the rules is fairness. As stated on the back cover of the official rule book


“Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair.”


Golf etiquette covers everything from how you dress, to how you behave – the aim is not to belittle anyone but to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the game.

If you’re not certain of what to expect then please ring and ask…

‘Honesty’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Courtesy’.

Golf Jargon

Have you ever wandered what a Birdie is or a Par? As for a Double Bogey? I’ll explain all you need to know during your first lessons – don’t be afraid to ask..

Best Practice...
Short Game 60%
Long Game 40%

Golf Lesson Prices

Individual Lesson

£30 Adult 40 mins
£16 Junior 30mins

Re-Charge/ Refresher Lesson
Set Up Fundamentals
Swing & Technique
Practical Advice

Individual Lesson Package

£150 6 for 5 Adult
£80 6 for 5 Junior

BEST Value Package
Long Game Technique
Short Game Skills
On Course Tuition

Junior Group Coaching

£4 per junior 60 mins

Group Coaching
Learning the Fundamentals
Understanding Etiquette
Fun Games

Group & Social

£8 per session

Group Coaching
Equipment Provided
Learn the Basics
Meet new Friends

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