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The BALL tells the truth.The simple fact is that the “Ball tells the Truth” and gives me the information to work back from. From the path of the ball flight, the ball’s trajectory, and how spin influences the balls movement.These vital clues in the puzzle help me to deconstruct an individuals swing problem before making changes.

 COACHING to the next Level

Since becoming educated and qualified with the Titleist Performance Institute  my coaching has been able to go to the next level. I have the tools in place to coach with knowledge and confidence, without having to second guess a physical detail relating to a particular swing problem a client brings.

Anyone who wants to invest in their game to become a better golfer will need to take a holistic approach to change.

I guarantee,  if you can make even a small physical change, say – to your swing, perhaps increasing a small range of movement or limited flexibility, you’re going to move off first base and gain long term improvement.

It won’t necessarily be easy – but it WILL be worth the effort.

A coach may give you a quick swing fix, and put a band aid on a problem but it won’t heal the scar, old familiar problems will reoccur. A holistic approach to change and hard work will be rewarded with new and improved skills leading to better Golf.

The T.P.I. model works. it’s proven  and I use it as part of my coaching programme. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information

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My Golfing Journey

A former Captain of the Cornwall PGA

I have a proven track record, teaching at every level all over the world. I’m passionate about coaching and offer a wide range of tuition options from Beginner to Elite level players

I’ve worked alongside some of the best coaches in the world – particularly during my 12 year tenure as Senior Teaching Professional at Woburn Golf Club in Buckinghamshire. Among many players I’ve coached the Duke of Bedford, TV and Radio personality Chris Evans, Oscar winning actor Richard Dreyfuss and Wham’s Andrew Ridgley.

I always work in collaboration with my clients, identifying achievable targest and helping them to surmount obstacles on the way to reaching them. I’m sympathetic to your requests and swing problems. With great outdoor practice facilities and a new indoor simulator room, Tehidy is the ideal venue to improve your game.

Truro College Golf Academy

"Talent is Nothing without the Opportunity"

I’ve always enjoyed coaching and bringing on junior golfers. I am well aware how the behaviour of the golfers I looked up to as a youth shaped my play and my golfing career. I have always felt obliged to help share those values and my experiences and pass them on to the next generation.

In 2008 with that in mind I reached out to Truro College  and helped establish their Golf Academy, not only to introduce new golfers to the game but to help coach and support those elite players on their golfing journey.

It has been a privilege to be associated with the many students that have passed through the Academy since its inception.  I am extremely proud of how far they’ve come.

TCGA Student Honours


“Jonathan Lamb and I worked together for a number of years and I must stress his attention to detail, organisation, preparation and planning are second to none, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Couple these attributes with tremendous golfing knowledge in terms of coaching, playing and golf retail and you have a man for all seasons.”

Gary Alliss

  • Gary Alliss “The King Of The Swing”
  • PGA Master Professional
  • PGA CUP Captain 2007 & 2009

Jonathan is the consummate PGA Professional, it has been my privilege to have been associated with Jonathan during his career.He has throughout his professional career demonstrated his enthusiasm successfully to develop the game to the next generation of golfers. Jonathan is highly respected within the golf industry, and I have always regarded him as a man of complete integrity.”

Eddie Bullock

  • UK’s Leading Golf Consultant
  • PGA Captain 2012
  • Former Managing Director Woburn Golf Club

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